Personal Trainer

Personal trainer, Coach Dawn, loves to inspire and motivate her clients to success.  Her time spent training and coaching our military, their families, Department of Defense and civilians at the Pentagon was a very rewarding time for her.  She continues to train many of them via the Internet and phone upgrading their fitness programs to meet their needs.  Dawn has continued to touch lives here locally and is dedicated to helping Camano Island achieve optimum health.   She loves  sports, reading, gardening, hiking in this beautiful state of Washington, swimming, walking on the beach with her 130 pound German Shepherd, sailing, traveling, cooking healthy meals, writing and inventing. She was also voted Stanwood/Camano Island “Woman of the Year!”

Personal Trainer - Coach Dawn's German Shepherd

Attracting clients around the world, Dawn has and continues to train our tactical forces which includes our fire fighters, law enforcement, active duty and retired military personnel and the Department of Defense. Her civilian sector clients include corporate executives, business owners, athletes, single parents and their families and our seniors. Her passion for helping people get where they want to be draws upon her broad background, professional expertise and life experience. With empathy and wisdom, Dawn guides each client in achieving a successful work/life balance.

An avid observer of life, adventurous spirit, and continuous learner, Dawn is a living example of how to succeed in life.

Some of the many hats Dawn wears include Skagit College WITS Health Instructor, Certified Life Coach, Master Fitness Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer/Aerobics Instructor, Certified TRX Instructor, Certified Nutritional Consultant and Registered Dental Hygienist   An athlete herself  she has won both figures skating and amateur bodybuilding championships.  A firm believer that achieving health and balance in  each aspect of your life is the key to total success and peak performance, Dawn coaches members to create completely healthy lives. Combining her skills with tools, resources, processes and networking Dawn can help you identify faster and more easily, where you most want to be.  Dawn especially loves helping women achieve balance and fitness in their busy lives.

Dawn’s own motivation and accountability coaching style is uniquely inspirational and empowering.  She loves to challenge members to raise the bar, step outside their comfort zone, and always strive to be and perform at their best and achieve their dreams with confidence. She will encourage you to embrace your core values, develop and live a vision to confidently fulfill your life purpose.

Dawn believes in taking good care of ourselves first before we can take care of others.  Do not try and do it all by yourself! Find out what it is like to have “Coach Power”.

“Get where you want to be now!”

Camano Island Fitness can help you achieve your goals and help you with your fitness.  It is all about you!  Where do you want to BE right now…what do you want to be doing right now…how do you feel about your health and fitness?  Figure out what is blocking you from your dreams and desires…You have the power within you…let our coaching/training bring that out and help YOU achieve your dreams and conquer your challenges.  Maybe you would like the accountability of a friend or two to train with you, no problem, we provide mini sessions in a private setting.  Note: It is always recommended to get permission from your doctor before starting any new fitness programs.

Exercise/Fitness and Flexibility Coaching:

Camano Island Fitness specializes in customizing a health a fitness program just for YOU!
We will put you on a positive path by learning proven strategies and techniques that have already successfully helped others just like you achieve healthier lives.  Do you need to start an exercise program and have no idea where to begin?  Do you need accountability and direction? Have you been on every diet in hopes of being lighter or “take up less space”?  Do you have trouble being consistent with exercise routines?  Do you feel intimidated in a gym setting?  Do you need help with injury prevention or continuing help with a supervised rehab program after an injury?  Do you have back problems and need help with strengthening your core?  Do you have balancing issues?   Do you need help being more flexible?  We  are here to help.

Nutritional Consulting:

Learn the strategies to help keep your weight loss goals on track.  Do you know your body fat percentage?  Are you having trouble losing weight?  Are your tired all the time?  Do you sleep well?  Do you want to feel better about your looks and health? Are you tired of dieting?

At Camano Island Fitness all your questions can be addressed with personalized coaching.  Right now you can be on your way to a healthier, slimmer and happier you. All it takes are some small steps to reach your bigger goals and it can be done.  Start taking care of YOU!

Life Coaching:

Our lives are so complicated and for many of us they are very hectic.  Are you having trouble finding time to take care of yourself?  Do you want to raise the standards of your life?   Do you want your self esteem and self worth to improve?  Do you want your family/relationships to be healthier?  If you feel like there are areas of your life that need some balancing then you will be happy to know that coaching can definitely help you achieve the harmony you desire.  When our lives are out of control it usually affects our health and well being.  Stress is deadly and it can also make us fat…so before you let things get totally out of whack why don’t you let Camano Island Fitness help you live a balanced, healthier, happier and meaningful life.

Find out more about how to improve your energy and wellbeing…give us a call to get started on a healthier YOU in the new decade!  Namaste!

Yours in health and wellness,

Coach Dawn
Personal Trainer & Life Coach