Success Story

“As a fitness professional, gym owner, and educational provider for instructors seeking professional certifications, I have trained hundreds of group exercise instructors. Dawn was a stand-out from the beginning. Her sincere desire for her clients, her positive can-do attitude, her ability to be both cheerleader and drill sergeant–these are elements that have made her an outstanding fitness professional for years. If you want results, Dawn can do it!”

– Cindy, past owner Trim 'N Tone and Body Business

“Dawn is more than a coach and trainer. She cares very much about my well-being. Dawn gave me the tools I needed to change my eating and exercise habits. I was a couch potato that exercised very little. Having had the privilege of training with Dawn, I now look forward to my “daily” exercise and training. I truly feel that Dawn is a great “lifestyle coach”, an excellent trainer, a caring person and a true friend.”

– Faye

“Dawn has assisted me by developing a physical fitness program that focuses on areas I neglected too long which has brought about a change in my life. By following her advice and training, I have been able to redirect my life to a regular diverse fitness program that has improved my health, increased my endurance, stamina and strength. Dawn has considerable training and education and life experiences to assist others in their goals and pursuits. She is demanding but motivational as well and she works hard to assist and encourage her clients in achieving their goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a life coach or personal trainer.”

– Russell, Attorney

“Dawn is an exceptional life success coach who has helped me experience balance and significant positive results in all areas of my life, especially in the areas of physical, mental and spiritual fitness. Dawn has the education, life experience, values and vision to coach for results. She is professionally demanding of herself and her clients. Her style is motivating and reflects an abiding belief in clients’ potential and ability to achieve. As a result of my experience with Dawn, I am a stronger person and have realized results that I didn’t think were possible. It is a pleasure and honor to be associated with such a talented, professional, committed and accomplished person. Thanks Dawn. Yours is a special life and Spirit.”

– Ed, RADM, US Navy (Ret.)

“Working with Coach Dawn was amazing! From the very start, she sat down with me, listened to all my concerns and past frustrations, my goals and my needs and helped me create a plan that worked specifically for me, no one else! When I had difficulty, she patiently went thru all the steps and we found new ways to help me achieve my goals. While working out, she educated me on exactly how I should work out to get the results I was looking for and made each and every move count! She is not only patient and sincerely caring, but inspiring and motivating! I have every faith in her capabilities as a trainer!”

– Jaime, RN

“Pat and would both like to thank you for all the work you have put into our individual training programs. Your expert knowledge of human physiology combined with your up to date research on exercise routines has both impressed us and made our progress pain free. The old adage “no pain no gain” certainly doesn’t apply here. We are both feeling better and progressing faster than we imagined possible. I am now beginning to believe I can truly challenge the aging process.”

– Bill & Pat

“The personal, one on one, training is great. You are designing a program that I can live with and it’s working! I have more energy, my posture is better, I’m much stronger, sleep better and I’ve lost inches. I started to feel stronger almost immediately — you encourage me and make me work hard. I actually like to exercise now, never thought I’d say that.”

– Joyce

“After meeting Coach Dawn for my first appointment I felt immediately at ease and knew that not only was I in the hands of a skilled trainer, but also in the hands of a trainer who cares about my well being. Dawn has a positive presence that pushes and motivates me. She makes every minute with her count. After my sessions with her I leave exhausted and energized and ready for a week of making and meeting my goals – and I look forward to it! I’m very grateful to have her along side me, guiding my path to good health!”

– Sue, K-5 Teacher